Dairy, Meats, Hay, Farm Animals, Eggs

(*CSA - Community Supported Agriculture)
Brickyard Farm Spring lamb, raw fleece & wool; No sheep shearing or tours. Call for appointment. carlarea@ptd.net 50 Greendale Road, Newton, NJ 07860;(973)383-4028
Brodhecker Farm All meats are freezer ready; Livestock feeds, corn, straw, oats. Locally grown bird seed. Call or see website for hours. Beef, poultry, pork. www.brodheckerfarm.com brodheckerfarms@gmail.com 2 Branchville-Lawson Road, Newton, NJ 07860; (973)383-3592
By-Acres Holsteins Dairy farm tours by appt. Scout troops welcome. See us on Facebook at Byacreholsteins. 5601 Route 519, Wantage, NJ 07461 (973)875-7445
Churutabis Farm Natural eggs, chickens, guinea hens, turkey, rabbits and duck. Call ahead for availability. www.churutabis.com hannelie@churutabis.com 53 Hyatt Road, Branchville, NJ 07826;(973)271-2979
Dana Ray Farm Farmstore, Sat 8am-4pm or by appt. CSA*. Dairy goats, handmade soap. Biodynamic farm. Certified naturally grown produce. Canned goods, honey. Poultry, pork. www.danaray-farm.com danarayfarm@embarqmail.com 349 Mattison Reservoir Ave, Branchville, NJ 07826; (973)948-0906
Far View Farms Beef cows for sale; Year round. Hay, May-Oct; Firewood. 65 George Hill Road, Branchville, NJ 07826; (973)875-6615

Farm at Rainbow's End

Alpacas for sale. Alpaca products including clothing, all natural colored Alpaca yarn and a variety of rovings. Call or see website for info. www.thefarmatrainbowsend.com larry.scheer@yahoo.com 92 Old Beaver Run Rd., Lafayette, NJ 07848; (973)903-8624

Farmside Supplies

Horse & livestock feed and supplies; Wild bird feed and supplies. Pet food and supplies; Closed Sun; Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm; Sat, 8am-5pm. www.farmsidesupplies.com farmsupplystore@embarqmail.com 15 Loomis Avenue, Sussex, NJ 07461; (973)875-3777
Flatbrook Farm Bronze & Heritage turkeys; Grass fed chickens & eggs; Grass fed beef & wood-lot pork; Call for appt. and availability. www.flatbrookfarm.com flatbrookfarm@flatbrookfarm.com 2 DeGroat Rd., Montague, NJ 07827 (973)948-2554
Frog Pond Farm Farm fresh brown, white & green eggs. Year round, weekends, 8am-5pm. 908 Owassa Road, Stillwater, NJ 07875; (973)579-7656
Glenmalure Grass fed; Heritage pigs; Meat lambs; Simenthal beef; Free range hens. Call or see website for hours. Beef, poultry, pork, lamb. www.glenmalurefarm.com glenmalurefarm@gmail.com 98 Beemer Church Rd., Wantage, NJ 07461 (862)268-4389
Hubbard Hill Farm Homegrown turkeys for Thanksgiving. Dressed and ready for the oven. Call for info. 811 Greenville Road, Sussex, NJ 07461; (973)875-6206
Humming Meadows Alpacas Alpacas for sale. Boarding. Yarn, rovings & knitted products. Scout badges & tours welcome. Call for appt. www.hummingmeadowsalpacasllc.com hummingmeadowsalpacas@gmail.com 131 Halsey Road, Newton, NJ 07860; (973)362-0429
Klimek Family Farm Fresh brown organic eggs. Organic veggies in season. 7 days, year round; By appt only. springer2@gmail.com 904 Lake Owassa Rd., Newton, NJ 07860 (973)383-4256
LL Pittenger Farm Naturally raised meats; Individually vacuum packaged; USDA inspected. Jerky & other smoked meats. Honey & eggs. Round & square bales. By appt only. Beef, poultry, pork, lamb & turkey. www.llpittengerfarm.com louistommaso@earthlink.net 143 Creek Rd., Andover, NJ 07821 (917)992-6113
Miller Farm Round hay bales only. Year round. Call for appt. 46 Fairview Avenue, Newton, NJ 07860; (973)383-4260
Mosefund Farm Mangalitsa pork products, bacon, sausage, chops, lard & more. Available to order by phone or online. Farm visits by appt only. www.mangalitsa.com christine@mangalitsa.com 315 Mattison Reservoir Ave., Branchville, NJ 07826; (973)948-2473
Oasis Alpacas Huacaya alpacas for sale; Raw fleece, rovings & spun yarn from our animals. Call ahead. 530 Rt. 517, Sussex, NJ 07461; (973)827-7350
Plaid Piper Farms Grass fed, grass finished beef & lamb. All pastured products humanely raised. Hours by appt. Beef, turkey, pork, lamb. www.plaidpiperfarm.com paul@plaidpiperfarm.com 197 Wykertown Rd., Branchville, NJ 07826 (973)875-4535
Rock Ridge Farms Grass fed Black Angus beef. Pasture raised chickens and hens. Sold by quarters, halves or whole. Chicken is oven ready. www.rockridgefarmsnj.com rockridgefarmsnj@gmail.com 144 Whitehall Road, Andover, NJ 07821 (908)448-5443
Skyland Farm Llama sales and breeding services; Raw wool for sale in early spring. By appt only. 299 Route 284, Wantage, NJ 07461; (973)875-2696
Space Farms Zoo and Museum 100 acre Zoo; 500 native & exotic animals; Americana museum; educational programs. May-Oct, daily 9am-5pm. See website or call for info. www.spacefarms.com 218 Route 519, Wantage, NJ 07461; (973)875-5800
Springhouse Creamery Cheese made with milk from our own pastured cows and flavored naturally with herbs and dried fruits. Eggs from our chickens. School tours. 85B Phil Harden Road, Newton, NJ 07860; (973)296-9568
Stables at Waterwheel Farm Boarding. 1/4, 1/2, whole steer or USDA packaged pastured beef. Free range trukeys. Snowmobile museum. www.thestablesatwaterwheelfarm.com info@thestablesatwaterwheelfarm.com 146 Fredon-Marksboro Rd, Newton, NJ 07860 (973)579-7291
Windy Flats Dairy Farm tours by appt. Naturally raised beef & eggs. High quality hay for forage. Bedding & mulch straw. Scout badges & school groups welcome. Call for hours. windyflats@nac.net 383 Rout 519, Wantage, NJ 07461 (973)702-7614
Wykertown Farms Square and round bales. Square straw bales. Shelled & deer corn. Call ahead. www.wykertownfarms.com cully@wykertownfarms.com 148 Wykertown Rd., Branchville, NJ 07826 (973)222-8942

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