Thank You…
For buying locally grown food from Sussex County farmers!

When you buy local, you not only get great-tasting, exceptionally fresh, flavorful food, you also:

Support your farming neighbors.
We all want to keep farming alive and support endangered family farms in our area, and buying local is the best way to do it! Even if you’re not from the area, take pride in knowing that your purchase supports small family farmers and agriculture in the region.

Safeguard your family’s health.
When you buy food from local farmers you trust, you know your food from farm to table, and you can visit the farm to see how the food is grown or raised.

Strengthen the local economy.
Your money stays in town where it benefits everyone and builds a stronger local economy.

Protect the local and global environment.
Locally speaking, small-scale farming helps keep the land we all care about open and green, while conserving, and often enhancing, natural resources. Local food also doesn’t have to travel far. This significantly reduces fossil fuel usage, emissions, and packaging materials--issues of global proportions.

Get to enjoy a social, family-oriented experience.
Buying local connects you with people in your community and provides an enjoyable, social shopping experience. When you buy local, you get to know the story of your food and the people who grew it.

So, BUY FRESH, BUY LOCAL and fill your plate with seasonal, locally grown food!

To learn more about all the benefits of locally grown food and sustainable farming, please visit our Foodshed Alliance website.

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